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Rob Tracz


Founder of TAPS –

Training, Speaker, Coach


Rob Tracz

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Rob Tracz is an expert at helping highly driven young professionals maximize their well-being and optimize their life & business. Rob is the founder and CEO of TAPS - Training, a successful and fast-scaling business that encompasses coaching, supplements, video courses, supportive community and more.

From numerous stages and podcasts, Rob has shared his message and taught hundreds of people to survive the side hustle and live optimally in order to look great, feel great & do great in life. Rob holds a Masters of Science in Exercise Science with a concentration in injury prevention and performance enhancement from PennWest California and is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist with distinction and a level 2 Precision Nutrition certified coach.

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Surviving the Side Hustle

Fitness & Fuel

Keynote, Virtual Presentation, ½ Day Workshop

When you have a full-time job and building your side hustle at the same time, life can become a game of tug-o-war in which only YOU lose. Burnout can quickly trap you. Leaving you feeling depleted, unmotivated & resentful towards what you normally love and that makes it impossible to grow & succeed in any discipline of life. If you fail to get yourself moving, that burnout trap could become a permanent place. The first steps to defeating burnout is to T.R.A.I.N. hard and make sure to fuel your future self. Yet most people have virtually no strategy, intention or process to getting started. Because of that they continue to struggle with finding the strength & energy to continue pursuing their passion. It doesn’t have to be difficult.

Key Takeaways

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Leaving this presentation your audience will,

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Learn the steps needed to (physically optimize their life)

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Understand where they're currently at is only temporary

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Generate an individualized training & nutrition plan

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Develop a clear action plan for continuous progress

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Know how to avoid future burnout and continue crushing life

Topics Available for Panels

& Interview-Style Presentations

Lifestyle Leadership

Health & Fitness

  • Simplifying and goal setting
  • Everyone's health journey is unique
  • Building effective habits and routines
  • Show up how you want to be
  • Prioritzation and Optimizing your life


Relationship Building

  • How to start and carry impactful conversations Nurturing relationships
  • Practices for being a good person
  • The power of keeping your word

  • The importance of

having a gratitude practice

  • Becoming Self Aware
  • Meditation can be simple
  • Power of Positive Thinking
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What People are Saying About...

As far as your speaking goes in terms of what sticks out the most is your ability to transition from storytelling to call to action. You have a unique ability to do so smoothly without any hiccups. The major takeaway that I get from you speaking is that you are quite knowledgeable about the topics that you speak about. Especially what you stand for and your mission to help others take charge of their health. The target audience that best suits you are young entrepreneurs that are developing themselves and that want to stay active. Though most importantly also people that can afford your services given the scope of your work.

Guelory Brutus Smith,

Founder of Build Your Narrative

When it comes to keynote speakers, there is nobody better than Coach Tracz. Coach Tracz takes you through his coaching program which not only motivates you but inspires you on how to become a better version of yourself. I can NOT recommend Rob any more than I do right now. So, give Rob a call and give him a shot. It's worth it.

Austin Glazer,

Found of Safeshield Insurance

Dropping knowledge at the AtoB Conference. His take "Surround yourself with winners" and "Charge up with positive players".You my dear friend are winning and thanks for charging us up..Boom

Giovanny Ramirez

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In the media

USA Today

Men's Health Fitness Council

Old Greenwich Riverside Neighbors magazine

"Happy & Healthy at Any Age" with Robin Pastore – National & CT Press Clubs award-winning WGCH radio



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